Monday, October 20, 2008

McCain wants YOU...

Yes, sir. That's right. YOU, Joe the Plumber. McCain wants YOU.

This may actually be the most technologically advanced thing the McCain campaign has done to date. Hey everybody, tell us why you are poor and you hate it! McCain is really pushing this idea of Obama = "spreading the wealth" = socialism, when if you have been paying attention, Obama's tax plan would just be returning the tax code to somewhere NEAR where it was before Bush went all crazy hating on the middle class. And all of this even after Joe the Plumber ends up being a total fake.

Instead of asking, "Why should I be punished (+3%) for being more successful?", maybe Joe the Plumber needs to be asking, "Why do rich politicians try to tax me a higher percentage of my income to keep me from making enough money to be financially wealthy?" Read more On "McCain wants YOU..."!