Wednesday, October 29, 2008


7:00 Here we go with Obama's big TV buy, 30 minutes to lay out his case. Will it be a smart move? When is McCain's super expensive ad gonna start?

7:05 - Obama talks to confused old people about pension, they lean forward as he says the word gift, but then they realize theres no gifts and lean back

Right after this Obama says a good line, grow the economy, his policies don't grow the goverment

7:07 - So that's who works at wal-mart, nice touch not revealing that till the end. Also subtely showed the old black couple reading the bible

7:11 - Topic change to Iraq. Focusing on the monetary cost of the war. CEO of Google! Obama is so cool, Google wants him to be president.

7:14 - Got up for a bit and now Obama is talking about some teacher with a snotty looking teenage girl.

Moving on to kids, smart use of soundbites from old Obama speeches. Good mix so far of typical types of puffing while actually put down some good bio on Barack and outlying things that are at least a little specific like his economic plans.

7:16 - Talking about Obama growing up, pretty sure this segment is the same video played at the DNC, or at least part of it.

7:18 - Obama talking about his work with Bill Ayers to improve schools... just kidding! Barry just laying down how he's fixed schools all by himself, without anyone named Bill or William.

7:20 - Obama reads Harry Potter and has thus captured the elusive 7-year old and nerd votes in one swoop! Program moving on to showing Obama has something called experience.

7:21 - Biden drops programs first "literally." Program is moving at a fast pace, seems like a good choice to keep Joe the watcher interested.

7:25 - One thought on these little bio's of average Americans they are doing, they better be true and ready to be investigated by every jerk on the right. Don't want to find out the wal-mart guy isn't a registered wal-mart worker.

7:27 - Good dramatic close, a good appeal to moderates I think with thet stuff about honesty and open government, now cutting to live Obama-event at the Obamadome (in Florida no less)!

Obama basically repeating his "closing argument speech" he's been giving all week.

7:30 - Well its over, the live thing was very short. Great idea to put up all the info about voting and how to find out where to vote. Seemed pretty good overall, not too presumptious like Chris Matthews was worried about. What do you people think?
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This Election is Down to the Wire

We here at PWARB love The Wire, because we are all white liberal elites and therefore realize that it is/was the best show on television. So it is no surprise that some of the cast of The Wire share our feelings for Barack Obama, our other great love.
If you've seen the show, you know that being on the bad side of Marlo Stanfield and Chris Partlow means you're 'bout to get got. They are scary, scary men. Also scary is the newly chubby Carver... what happened there?
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Now McCain is laughing. Barbara West is just hilarious!

As a follow up to yesterday's post about WFTV's own Barbara West, here is an interview she did on CNN this morning to defend her Biden interview. She talks about how the media needs to be harder on the campaigns, but maybe she should take her own advice and be more critical of BOTH campaigns:

But better yet, in the interview she did yesterday with McCain, she was a little harder hitting. It's funny that she did this interview after all the criticism about her first McCain interview and the proverbial poo hit the fan all blogosphere-style.

First, I like how McCain's smile slowly, but eventually, fades throughout the interview. And he also uses the old "we're mavericks, we won't always agree" thing AGAIN. Give it up already. We get it. You two are just so wacky.

Plus, the way he is giggling and quivering about during the first half of the interview, he just looks like he's high.

She probably didn't realize that he was pretty serious when he said in the beginning not to ask any mean questions. I wonder if Barbara will get a third interview.

He also has the chance to go on and on about Obama's socialist tendencies and Biden's remarks about Obama's inexperience. Nothing like misrepresenting Obama's tax plan AGAIN. I've never heard people refer to Clinton as Bill the Socialist, and Obama's tax cuts would essentially be reverting back to the tax code in place in the mid-90s, which if I'm not mistaken wasn't such a bad time for everyone. And I don't know what McCain was listening to but Biden actually said that Obama would be tested AND HE COULD HANDLE IT BETTER THAN MCCAIN.

Oh, and Joe the Plumber. Again. From McCain. Give it up. The guy is a fake. He isn't actually a registered plumber and he is not ever going to buy the business he's been working at all these years because it is not real.
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Now that's Spooky

Have any homicidal fantasies re:Palin? Apparently these dudes do.

This display is somewhere in my neighborhood. Is it wrong that I want to drive by on my way home? Another Palin-related West Hollywood fun fact: The mayor of West Hollywood has requested that none of the Drag Queens dress as Palin in the annual Halloween Parade extravaganza. The reason? She's too easy.

Confession time: Once, on a crazy night at the Grand Canyon I burned someone's image in effigy. It was fucking awesome and cathartic in a way I'd never known. I haven't done it since and I probably won't. At least, not until after November 4th. What would be a satisfying representation of Prop 8?

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Biden thinks this lady is FUNNY!

This WFTV Orlando, FL based, Fox affiliate reporter, Barbara West just thinks that Biden McCain is the bee's knees. Watch as she tries to really tear apart Biden while asking him ridiculously "in the tank for McCain" questions and Joe just laughs because he can't believe that this lady is a real person:

Oh, Barbara, with those liberal hating questions I'd expect you to be foaming at the mouth, but you actually showed so little emotion that I didn't know whether or not you were really alive or if you were instead, a robot.

Meanwhile, her interview with McCain went a little differently:

Oops, there's a little bit of drool on the side of your mouth. Yeah, yeah, right there. Yeah, you got it.

Wow, lady. That's just awesome of you, as a "professional journalist", to ask such unbiased questions. You're a real hard hitter, asking those tough questions. Like how can Obama live with himself after trying to register Mickey Mouse to vote? And McCain why didn't you rip Obama apart for something he had no control over?

And I mean, let's face it, Obama wouldn't have tried to register Mickey Mouse anyway. Everyone knows he's been living it large under the Bush tax cuts, and since he makes more than $250,000 a year and would continue to fare better under McCain's tax plan anyway. Read more On "Biden thinks this lady is FUNNY!"!

Well, she IS a maverick!

McCain and Palin have been using the old "Well, we're mavericks! You surely can't expect us to agree on everything!" gag lately. I've heard Johnny use it in at least two separate interviews. Well, these days it looks like McCain and Palin may not be agreeing on much.

With reports of this "diva" ignoring talking points and "going rogue" and all, maybe ol' Sarahcuda has a little something something up her sleeve for 2012. Forget about dealing with John McCrazypants for the next 4 years and him trying to hold her back from the greatnessmess she could be!

Palin 2012, baby!
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