Sunday, September 28, 2008

pwarb official Palin Debate Dropout Pool.

We all know the deep, misunderstood brilliance that is Sarah Sarahcuda HockymomPitbull Van Palin. And frankly, I think that this says it all.

As fine a lady as she is, the reports that debate practices aren't going so well are rolling in and let's face it, no one on the right is even touching the Katie Couric interview. So, the thought occurs that well, come Thursday, Palin might not be debating after all. Maybe she'll suddenly fall ill or go into labor with her next pregnancy that no one knows about. Whatever the reason is, we don't yet know or really care, but it'll be a surprise to see her in St. Louis Thursday. Frankly, I just don't think she has the guts, or that McCain's people are dumb enough.

So, here the deal: email the date and time that you think it will be publicly announced by the McCain/Palin camp that Palin won't be attending the debate on Thursday to Bonus points if you include 1) the reason you think that they'll use and 2) if you can correctly guess whether or not they will announce at that time that she is being replaced as the VP candidate.

We may or may not be talking about prizes. We are definitely talking about some sort of public recognition. All that, and a personal sense of satisfaction beyond what you might already get from such news. Good luck and get to it!

UPDATE: If you think that she will indeed make it to St. Louis and debate, we are accepting this as an acceptable pool entry. Just state as much in the email you send and please include how many minutes you think she'll make it before breaking down in tears.


JE said...

She'll be there, but you're right, she won't debate.
Instead she'll give birth to a whole hockey team right on the podium, while waving sparklers in each hand and playing "God Bless America" on a kazoo.
This will result in a 20 point swing for McCain

RK said...

Can I get the monies?
Since it's on my birthday.