Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Now McCain is laughing. Barbara West is just hilarious!

As a follow up to yesterday's post about WFTV's own Barbara West, here is an interview she did on CNN this morning to defend her Biden interview. She talks about how the media needs to be harder on the campaigns, but maybe she should take her own advice and be more critical of BOTH campaigns:

But better yet, in the interview she did yesterday with McCain, she was a little harder hitting. It's funny that she did this interview after all the criticism about her first McCain interview and the proverbial poo hit the fan all blogosphere-style.

First, I like how McCain's smile slowly, but eventually, fades throughout the interview. And he also uses the old "we're mavericks, we won't always agree" thing AGAIN. Give it up already. We get it. You two are just so wacky.

Plus, the way he is giggling and quivering about during the first half of the interview, he just looks like he's high.

She probably didn't realize that he was pretty serious when he said in the beginning not to ask any mean questions. I wonder if Barbara will get a third interview.

He also has the chance to go on and on about Obama's socialist tendencies and Biden's remarks about Obama's inexperience. Nothing like misrepresenting Obama's tax plan AGAIN. I've never heard people refer to Clinton as Bill the Socialist, and Obama's tax cuts would essentially be reverting back to the tax code in place in the mid-90s, which if I'm not mistaken wasn't such a bad time for everyone. And I don't know what McCain was listening to but Biden actually said that Obama would be tested AND HE COULD HANDLE IT BETTER THAN MCCAIN.

Oh, and Joe the Plumber. Again. From McCain. Give it up. The guy is a fake. He isn't actually a registered plumber and he is not ever going to buy the business he's been working at all these years because it is not real.

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