Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Releases Video Game Advertisements

Chicago Sun-Times: “The Obama camp has bought ‘billboard space’ within nine video games, all from Electronic Arts: ‘Madden ’09,’ ‘NBA Live ’08,’ ‘Burnout Paradise,’ ‘Nascar 09,’ ‘Need For Speed Carbon,’ ‘Need For Speed Pro Street’ ‘NFL on Tour,’ ‘NHL ’09’ and ‘Skate.’ The virtual ads in the games are frequently updated with real advertising through online downloads. They feature a photo of the senator with text [saying] ‘EARLY VOTING HAS BEGUN,’ and direct gamers to the Obama Web site

Oh man, Burnout Paradise... the jokes write themselves.

Meanwhile, the McCain campaign is busy working on a way to incorporate advertisements into the less stressful games favored by the Senator himself, such as Mahjongg, Snood, and the solitaire program pre-loaded on all Windows PC's.

1 comment:

Ryan said...

what does it say about a segment of our society if they think this will actually work?!

all i can say is: i look forward to a time when barack is advertising on the outside of the galactica.

or on BSG's version of earth.