Sunday, October 12, 2008


I'm sure we have all seen videos like this one. Just incredible. When does this stop? Does this recent display of hatred lead somewhere or does it fade away with the rest of McCain's campaign? Where do we expect these people to go once McCain loses and with it goes there last great hope for salvation from the socialist terrorist (amazing they have combined the last two boogy-men of the right in B.O., communism and terrorism)? Every morning when I wake up I admit I load of my Google news page with a certain sense of dread fearing something happened while I slept or was away from my computer/society. A recent article on Kos said a canvasser reported that one man whose house he stopped at said he would "shoot anyone in his house" or neighborhood who voted for Obama. The person who wrote the blog entry seemed to move on and just found it disturbing, but in all reality this sort of thing needs to be reported not just to the internets, but to police. This man or people making similar threats should, if cops will do nothing, be sued so they are forced to publicly defend their statements.

These people are becoming unhinged, I have heard arguments that many on the left call Bush a war-criminal, so what is the difference? First, he has been called a war-criminal based on things that actually happened! Even if he will never be prosecuted, at least the charges of war-crime did not come from anonymous emails. Second, this glosses over the history of race and violence in America in pretending the circumstances surrounding both attacks are the same. Barack is sometimes compared to JFK for the way he has inspired people and the work he is doing, I hope in history, that is as far as the comparisons go.

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JE said...

That dude looks like he touches children. Love the follow up video where he's shamed by news-cameras inside the event.