Monday, October 13, 2008

I Pledge Allegiance, to the Flag, of the United States of Obamamerica.

I wish I could know how it feels to have my thoughts blurred by the intoxicating cocktail of ignorance and fear that the author of The Real Barack Obama blog and his readers seem to enjoy daily. It must be kind of exciting skittering from one off the wall conspiracy theory to the next like some kind of anxious ground rodent in the shadow of a circling hawk, or perhaps under the shadow of one of those stealth helicopters operated by the United Nations that fly overhead, spreading chemtrails full of CIA mind control gas in preparation for the Reptilian/Illuminati controlled Global government New World Order. Ah, the secret thrills of wing-nuttery. Unfortunately we here at Pwarb lead fairly boogie-man-free lives and therefore failed to see the menace of the Ohio state flag. Clicky for more, for real.

How devious! That Indonesian terror monster Barack Obama gave a speech outlining his new economic plan in the backwater outpost of Ohio, an exotic locale about which very little is known, most certainly not the colors and iconography of its state flag. Here he revealed the new standard that will be flown from the porch of every abandoned foreclosed home after they have been cleared of firearms and bibles. It is emblazoned with an ominous red and white circle that vaguely resembles an 'O' (which stands for 'O shit, I'm totally winning this election!'), but will be peeled away immediately upon Barack's inauguration (sworn in on a Koran, have you not HEARD?)to reveal a Star and Crescent.
Remember, we do not know who this man is! Thank you, Real Barack Obama blog. You've shown us the truth about this shadowy figure who has written two memoirs laying out every detail of his life except for the birthmarks only Michelle knows about, and who has only been running for president under the most intense levels of scrutiny for two years now. He is The Other, email everyone you know! I'll definitely be checking in for more Truth Nuggets in the coming days.
In related news: Study shows students' lack of geography knowledge.


GW said...

Ohio is a festering den of thieves and rapists. Obama would be wise not to associate himself with such a state.

RK said...

I saw that necklace at Tiffany's.
What an elitist.