Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm a Reality-Based Intellectualist!

Take this quiz to find out your exact brand of liberal.. I have officially been categorized as part of the liberal elite. Yay!

(via Pajiba)

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JE said...

* Peace Patrollers, also known as anti-war liberals or neo-hippies—believe in putting an end to American imperial conquest, stopping wars that have already been lost, and supporting our troops by bringing them home.
* Eco-Avengers, also known as environmentalists or tree huggers—believe in saving the planet from the clutches of air-fouling, oil-drilling, earth-raping conservative fossil fools.
* Social Justice Crusaders, also known as rights activists—believe in equality, fairness, and preventing neo-Confederate conservative troglodytes from rolling back fifty years of civil rights gains.
* Working Class Warriors, also known as blue-collar Democrats—believe that the little guy is getting screwed by conservative greed-mongers and corporate criminals, and you’re not going to take it anymore.
* Reality-Based Intellectualists, also known as the liberal elite—are proud members of what’s known as the reality-based community, where science, reason, and non-Jesus-based thought reign supreme.
* New Left Hipsters, also known as liberals, Netroots activists, or Daily Show fanatics—believe that if we really want to defend American values, conservatives must be exposed, mocked, and assailed for every fanatical, puritanical, warmongering, Constitution-shredding ideal for which they stand.

I'm a Working Class Warrior. Probably because there's no classifcation for The Kind that Hates America, Especially its Unborn Babies.