Friday, September 19, 2008

Obama to Leave MO Hope-less, or a Change Noone Can Believe In.

There's been speculation lately about Obama's plans for Missouri. Polls have repeatedly shown a McCain lead in the single digits, and advertisement buys have appeared to taper off in the previous month. Missouri GOP executive director Jared Craighead claims to have secret info from his crack team of rural-route mail carrier spies.
Jo Mannies of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch writes
The state Republican Party touched off the talk of a Democratic defection late last week, when state GOP executive director Jared Craighead held a conference call to assert that the Obama campaign would soon pull up stakes after the latest round of public polls showed a slight edge for the Republican presidential nominee, John McCain.

"I think they're out of here," Craighead said. "They're just not getting traction here."

Craighead provided no proof of an eminent Obama defection, beyond third-hand talk from an unnamed rural mail carrier who allegedly told Republicans of outgoing shipments of equipment from an outstate Obama office.

Sorry Jared, but those boxes from outstate Obama offices are more likely to be filled with tens of thousands of new voter registration forms filled out by Obama supporters than they are to be office equipment bound for other states.
Obama's not budging from Missouri. With 40 field offices in the state to McCain's 10, and the latest polling data showing Obama cutting McCain's lead down to 4 points from 10 just a month ago, the Obama campaign's effort to flip MO and its eleven electoral votes back to blue is starting to pick up real momentum. The MO GOP is simply doing the only thing they know how to do, spreading disinformation.


Mogge said...

This makes me so frustrated. The GOP wants you to ignore reality and listen to the story they're telling. The story that they create from whole cloth if need be....

Ryan said...

Mogge's right. But I'm not surprised in the GOP's strategy. This is what we know that they do.

And if we're being responsible newspeople or even just informed citizens who the fuck is going to believe a mail carrier? Did they seek him out? Or was he at a bar and he casually mentioned in a drunken stupor that Obama was shipping out, literally? Fucking weird story.