Thursday, September 25, 2008

I can't get a god damn thing done on the internet anymore.

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Whatever I planned to accomplish this morning, it went right out the window once I found Dan Lacey's "Sarah Palin with a pancake on her head".

What is this spell Palin has over me? Why do her images haunt me so? I can't even run a Google search for a very specific type of pornography without coming across a picture of Palin, laughing, mouth agape, with pancakes on her head, in a perverse interpretation of my search terms.

I hope Obama offers Palin a position in his administration, just so America gets to see that spunky face of her's once in a while. Maybe she could head the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. I love republican views on those things. I want to start this promotional program where you can save Jack Daniels bottle tops and exchange a specified quantity for an assault rifle, but the Jack Daniels tell me that idea is pretty illegal right now and the best they can offer me for all my bottle tops is a hat.

Damn, am I hungry for some pancakes.


JE said...

Gov. Palin, would you care for some syrup?
"Thanks, but no thanks..."

RK said...

i love ihop
International House of Palin.

JE said...

"International" and "Palin" just don't seem to belong together.

RK said...

She married one.