Friday, September 26, 2008

Oooh, it's a debate!

Daily Kos immediately picked up on my 2 favorite things of the evening so far.

#1: At least know how to say these guys' names, ass.

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#2: We noticed this, did you? Obama has one. Where is McCain's?

Also, how many old-timey phrases can McCain use in one debate?
1. festoon
2. parsing words

Feel free to add your own faves in the comments section.

Oh, yeah, and I get it McCain... you don't think Obama "gets it." You've said it at least a dozen times during this debate tonight. This coming from the guy who less than 2 weeks ago said that our economy was fundamentally strong and then less than 2 days ago put his campaign on hold to work on the economy, and then wrecked everything.

And lastly, Jim Leher, your eyes are huge and dark and swallow the souls of everyone watching.


Ryan said...

McCain isn't wearing a flag pin. I noticed this right away too!

My favorite is when Obama used the word "orgy." I believe he said something about Bush and his "orgy of spending." I nearly died laughing.

My other favorite is when McCain likened his favorite general to Osama Bin Laden. I hope Petraeus is pissed.

cd said...

haha, orgy... we laughed that it was probably the first time EVER "orgy" was used in a presidential debate. "orgy" not being an old-timey word/phrase.

RK said...

I wonder if Palin will talk about orgies on Thursday.... I hope so... Palin orgy.... there's my vote

RK said...

And I liked how McCain kept referencing his friends. Good thing he has so many!