Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Palin poised to strike

some guy's face.

I'm sure CNN's article about Palin's noncompliance with the Alaskan legislature's investigation and the hiding of evidence regarding, blah blah blah, was very important, but damn doesn't that picture catch the eye.

The only times a woman has looked at me like that, she was about to do something really bad, or really good to me.

I'm sure this picture is simply a transitional expression, a half smile if you will, but you know Palin has that look in her repertoire somewhere.

I can't even look at it for an extended period of time. I kept loading, trying to the right picture of Clay Aiken talking about super gay he is, which I was going to photoshop it into this picture of a scene from Transformers, but Palin kept scaring me away and now I can't even remember what the point of the Aiken/Transformers thing was going to be.

Thank you CNN and Getty Images for this great photo. I'm sure the internet will find many uses for it in the months to come.


JE said...

Picture has been cropped to cut out the knife plunged between the guy's ribs.

ST said...

that is a terrifying picture like a promo for some sci-fi series where she is the enemy

JE said...

are you saying she is a CYLON?

Ryan said...

Even Six has a better grasp on human and civil rights than Palin does.

Long live Roslin!