Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama's Got a Pretty Big Tank

So McCain's top aides had a conference call today to lie about lying, and complain about media outlets being "in the tank" for Obama. Later, Ben Smith from Politico called McCain's camp out on the embellishments they like to tack on fairly negative things that are basically true about Obama and Biden. Smith calls it "gilding the lily", which coincidentally is the old-timey euphemism John McCain prefers for an act that has not been performed within the confines of his Sedona compound in many a moon.
When Smith--by all accounts a fairly impartial journalist--asked for clarification of statements made in the conference call, McCain aide Brian Rogers answered, "You are in the tank."
True, many journalists covering this campaign are "in the tank", the drunk tank. It's become a necessary coping mechanism. Here's to getting tanked, in our tanks (for Obama).

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