Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wow, he didn't smile that big last night...weird.

In fact, a lot of people cited his inabilities to look the least bit not miserable or look Sen. Obama in the eye once as some of the reasons they felt he didn't do so great.

And I'd bet that he isn't smiling at all today. When the first little ad below that I wrote about yesterday afternoon (as in before the debate) popped up on the Washington Post site yesterday, it was probably a little embarrasing for at least a few people in the McCain camp.

(Thanks Wonkette for the pic again)

But I mean, it could have turned out okay, right?

But I'd go as far as to say that after the polls came out today in favor of Obama, it's gone past embarrassing, straight to just biting. Oops. Just a little reminder that words and phrases like "grumpy old man", "beligerant", and "dismissive" keep popping up and being used to describe non other than John McCain.

What could have maybe turned out okay, instead probably turned into someone in McCain's marketing department losing their job. Hey, I hear that Obama's people are still out registering voters if you need a job.

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Mogge said...

Those marketing gurus should be fired anyway. How compelling is an ad produced by a candidate declaring that candidate the winner?

At least do the movie poster thing and take a quote out of context from someone respectable, geez...