Sunday, September 21, 2008

Obama's Momma Said Knock You Out

This video may be a bit long at 8 minutes, but it is just too good not to stick with all the way through. Highlights are just before the 4 minute mark, when our anonymous angry preacher breaks the all time "mommas" per second record, and also near the end where some incomprehensible shit is spewed about Wolf Blitzer's Satanist kids sodomizing Chris Matthews' gay babies on Facebook. Mind=Blown.

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Mogge said...

holy crap! That was insane.

When he started winding down (after urging us to check facebook for new anchor's children committing bestiality) and kept repeating "so so so so," I was like "He's a robot! His programming is overloaded his head is going to explode!"

Imagine my disappoinment that he lives to attack Obama's Mama another day.

Also- How cute is Barack in that picture he kept putting up?