Friday, September 26, 2008

This makes me laugh... and cry...

At first, this Wonkette article just seems funny.
For the win!
Thanks to Wonkette.

The funniest part is that even if this was put online by mistake, the fact that McCain even considered the possibility for a moment that his oratory skills could possibly overpower Obama's is laughable. I know conservatives who are voting McCain who admit that McCain isn't a very good speaker, especially when compared Obama.

It's like when a newspaper creates 2 covers with 2 different headlines, but this time, the paper ran the wrong headline on accident.

But the sad part is that there are voters out there paying so little attention that probably at least someone will think that this is real. Sadly, too, it would appear that McCain is might actually win this one by just flat out refusing to show up, but making people THINK he did.

It's funny how that is a trend in the Republican party these days: just refusing to show up and still winning small battles.

Palin's husband, assistant, etc refused to show up to court after a Republican-run committee still voted 3-2 (the Republican who voted with the 2 Dems was oddly enough from Wasilla...) to issue subpoenas in the Troopergate investigation. Normally, people are arrested when they refuse to follow the orders of subpoenas. Instead, Troopergate just fades into the background - at least until the election is over. Too bad this isn't even the most embarrassing thing to happen to Palin recently.

UPDATE: According to a new article on CNN posted 13 min. ago, McCain will attend the debate, unless his private jet breaks down on the way there or someone shakes Cindy's hand a little too hard again and they have to go to the emergency room, because you know, they have health care so they can afford to do that.


JE said...

Obama's just EMPTY WORDS! McCain is a MAN OF ACTION!
How dare you. Country first.

Richard Raney said...

Hope just isn't enough for this country. We need a change we can believe in.

Oh my God, this pasta was delivered by Pizza Hut!