Monday, September 22, 2008

State Polling for 9/21

From FiveThirtyEight, the excellent poll clearinghouse to which I lose nearly an hour of my time every day:

Ohio is a bit disturbing, until you notice that this poll was conducted before the concept of free markets committed sepuku and McCain's numbers plummeted along with the Dow.
What's more unsettling is Minnesota at only +1 to Obama. This poll isn't a statistical outlier, but part of a trend that's shown anywhere from a tie to a mere 2 point lead for Obama. What are the people of Lake Woebegone thinking? Are they just enchanted by Sarah Palin's upper midwestern accented siren's song? Garrison Keillor seems to be unavailable for comment at this time.
North Carolina showing a tie is very encouraging though. Survey USA had this state as +20 McCain back on 9/7! Could this massive momentum shift carry over into neighboring Virginia as well? I'd trade North Carolina's 15 electoral votes for Minnesota's 10 if need be, but I won't like it.


GW said...

i believe the term is "committed sudoku"

JE said...

That's how people without the necessary breadth of knowledge for crosswords kill time.