Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Louisiana Reminds You to Spay and Neuter Your Poor People

It's always nice to see a Republican lawmaker supporting funding for birth control, but is this a contraceptive to far? Louisiana state representative John LaBruzzo,(R)-Metaire, is working on a proposal to offer $1,000 to low income women who agree to have their tubes tied. Can't we just put something in Sunny D or Slim Jims or whatever poor people are consuming these days and save all that money for more important things, like giving it to the rich? Oh, nevermind. LaBruzzo has got that covered too. His proposal would also include tax incentives for people with college educations and higher incomes to have more children. Guess what demographics LaBruzzo falls into, that sly dog. Wouldn't that make LaBruzzo a whore for being paid for his elitist sexy times, and his own pimp for setting up the deal?

"It's easy to say, 'Oh, he's a racist, ' " LaBruzzo said.
It is pretty easy, especially when this guy represents the district that spawned David Duke, another dude who is just full of ideas.
It's too late to create the master race Louisiana, mainly because YOU ARE LOUISIANA.

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Mogge said...

Oh he's a racist.

Yep, pretty FUCKING easy!