Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Other Half

Driving home from work today, I heard an ad for the new 90210- AWESOME, I know. It billed the show as "Watching how the other half" lived. Psh. Beverly Hills is SO CrAzY! RIGHT?!? Well driving TO work was a different story.....

The "Other Half" this morning was not about Kelly and Brenda (dude Brenda SUCKS). It was
"I bet listeners can't guess who the most expensive member of Congress is"-Radio DJ
"John Kerry"- RK

Weighing in at $230 big ones, Mr. Ketchup could buy and sell the entire ZIP code of 90210. But he's from the party that connects with "real" people; not John McCain and his multi-house mafia (BTW Big Mac didn't even make the top 10... He was Lucky #13 right above the lovely McCaskill). Sixty percent of the top 10 were from the same party complaining that McCain is too wealthy. I mean , he's no Ted Kennedy ($47.62) or Jay Rockefeller ($80.40)- both in the top ten, but $19.64 mil is nothing to scoff at.
Math was never really my thing, but I'm beginning to think that if you added up the worth of Congress, we could raise $700 billion to bail out Wall Street; because that's the smart thing to do, right?
Or you could buy about 30.5 John Kerry's.
Life is full of tough decisions.
Good thing "the other half" of America is there to tackle it.

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GW said...

and the worst part is it's all his wife's money. what a total wiener! gets out of the military and immediately marries a sugar momma who finances his political career.

sounds kinda familiar actually...