Friday, September 26, 2008

one of the best conversations in the english language

Wanted to finally put something on here at least as a notice of intent to one day do so a little more regularly. This is an especially ridiculous conversation me and JE had earlier in regards to this link.

barack's breakfasts are awesome

ST: 4-6 eggs?
thats a big omelet

ST: must be nice to have all that egg money laying around, elitist bastard
he must have quite the nest egg ehh

JE: everymorning he has egg on his face

ST: sounds like an eggselent breakfast

JE: eating that many eggs is a bit eggstravagant

ST: i could eat like that if i hadnt counted my eggs before they hatched with the economy and all
i think he might be eggsagerating
JE: ...annnnd SCENE.

ST: what about eggzactly

JE: these are some funny yolks.
how is barack like an egg?

ST: idk

JE: they're both half whites

ST: yo
well the repubs do criticize him for being an egghead"

From here it degraded to a general frustration about the lack of puns in political journalism, I mean get it together WaPo editorial staff.

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RK said...

I'm proud to be friends with such eggcentric um...folks...