Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain's brain turns into a turd and Couric looks like she smells Sarahcuda's dirty diaper.

Well folks, JMac has really done it this time. Instead of "keeping presidential campaign politics out of the economic crisis" like Obama suggested, McCain swooped in to D.C. in a last ditch effort to stall the bailout just long enough to have a reason not to show up to the debate. But I mean, we all know he is the economic guru of our time, all while sitting completely silent for 40 straight minutes, a mere spectator in the meeting he actually called together about the end of the world.

McCain is so used to overtaxing the middle class, you'd think that he'd be on board with this bailout plan where the middle class would once again be shouldering the burden of the overpayed, undertaxed morons who rule ruin the world one crooked trade at a time.

But don't worry, SuperPalin will swoop and save the world as evidenced by her ever-composed interview with Katie Couric:

My favorite seconds lie around 0:54 when there are some long moments of silence, some might even say composure. I wouldn't. I'd call it not knowing what to say before deferring to repeating EXACTLY what she just said about 15 seconds before.

Then around the 2:10 mark where she says that the America is waiting to see what McCain is going to do. I'd say we're waiting for anyone to do anything at this point. "Inaction is not an option", but I'd say that is what McCain is doing right now.

Not to alarm the American public so that we all make sure to pull our money out of our respective banks, but:

"...crisis moment..." whoa. Deep.
Then, talking point 1, talking point 2, talking point 3... get those key words in Sarah. Vocab! Vocab!

Maybe this is what Bush was talking about when he said, "If money isn't loosened up, this sucker could go down."

Or what US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was in fear of when he got "literally down on one knee, begging Ms Pelosi to help push through the bail-out package."

and finally:

words words PUTIN words AIR SPACE words words words MARITIME BORDER

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JE said...

Anger at her existence is changing over to embarrassment. For the country, for the GOP and for her personally.